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I started finding consoles on my own in May. I was Happy finding one console a week and 4-5 a month. I Join HOC In September and got the knowledge to completely step up my game. I have made 1,000s on video card sales and I scored 10 consoles just last week alone. HOC doesn’t just pay for itself it paying for my families trip to Disney World next spring!


Started using bots about 3 weeks ago and was completely new to the whole scene. Found this cook group on reddit and decided to give them a try. The team has answered all of my dumb questions and thanks to them I have secured 20+ consoles and 20+ gpus. Thank you for those support calls you guys host they help a ton


Joined HOC in January after a long break from sneakers, Was able to get help immediately on bots, proxies, gmail, was able to cop supreme dunks 1 month into botting, dozens of GPUs and PS5s. Also able to cop multiple bots and tools like stellar, whatbot, lightning. Overall the most helpful cook group im in with replies from staff and other users in seconds. Also friendly cook group that doesn't have the famine mentality , everybody eats here as long as you put in the work.


Joined this server 1-2 months ago, thanks to usef and chris, and the community is something else.. just the pure amount of giveaways, groupbuys, and info we get is worth it, but the community and family feel in HOC is something no other CG can replicate. Thank you to all of the hardworking staff and admin in HOC who make this possible for their users!!


Joined in 2017 and this community has helped me with every single win, made me a ton of money and the profits I made here literally helped me pay for my wife's college a couple of years ago, not to mention all the dope people I've met here along the way. I will always rep the team #HoC


I was looking at the numbers today, I joined this Group just hoping to recoup what I'm spending on it. Since I have joined House of Carts, it has paid itself off 31x Its been a week....

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